Over 200 students inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at CFCC

Two Hundred Nineteen (219) students were inducted into the Alpha Chi Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Cape Fear Community College on October 27, 2011.

The following members are installed as officers:

William A. Parker, President
Christopher Kennedy, Executive Assistant to the President
Richard Groves, Vice Prseident of North Campus
Clayton Rains, Vice President of Scholarship
Joseph Reneer, Vice President of Leadership
Anissa Lewis, Vice President of Service
Elizabeth Boswell, Vice President of Fellowship
Lee Meadows, Vice President of Recruitment
Donna Stamm, Public Relations Officer
William Koch, Chapter Historian
Jennifer Williams, Secretary
Callie Potter, Hallmark Member
Susan E. Clarke, Esq. Advisor

The newly inducted members are:
Ashlee Abdelrazeq
Rachael Arizmendi
Kendall Bailey
Jenna Baldiga
Michael Ballard
Bethany Barnes
Lori Barrett
Gabrielle Barrows
Megan Bennett
Jessica Beutel
Megan Bishop
Autumn Brown
C. Adrienne Burke
Elizabeth Butrim
Kathleen Campbell
Rachel Carter
Shannen Carter
Natasha Chamberlain
Nicole Clayton
Rosina Coetzer
William Cool
Sarah Coxe
Mike Diefenbach
Kristen Diehl
Jennifer Flieler
Ashley Fontenot
Jennifer Garris
Emory Gibson
Uliana Goncharova
Matthew Greene
Olena Grundman
David Hall
Jason Hamilton
Heather Harrell
Jonathan Harvey
William Hatfield
Kaitlin Hayes
Robin Hennessey
Chelsee Hill
Lynn Hillenbrand
Harry Hollowell
Kenneth Holt
Katherine Hone
Tacey Hoover
Lauren Ikner
Jonathan Jefferys
Ian Jenness
Lindsey Jenness
Samantha Johnson
Michael Kemp
William Gene Koch
Brian Lang
Rebecca Lawrence
Deborhah Leach
Emily Lennon
Jeanna Long
James Margle
Marjorie McGinnis
Ashley McKenzie
Lee Meadows
Charlotte Merkley
Christine Mikell
Shelby Miller
Sarah Nall
Robert Noel
Jessica Norris
Cynthia Oliver
Linda Oliver
Erika Pacheco
Weston Padgett
Noelle Page
Michelle Parker
Wendy Pittillo Rae
Kaysie Pralle
Daniel Prymock
Natali Ramirez
Karen Robbins
Jamie Robinson
Sandra Rosales
Gary Roush
Laura Salo
Rita-Marie Samos
Jerrie Shepherd
Esther Shinn
Sandra Singer
Courtney Sistrunk
Jamie Smith
Justin Stansell
Tricia Strickland
Brian Summey
Morgan Towle
Tammy Turner
Ashlee Usher
Jonathan Verzaal
Rebecca Wagoner
Kimberly Ward
Malcolm Warner
Michael Watts
Lauren Weaver
Donald Weimer
Michael Whitson
David Wilson

Established in 1918 by two-year college presidents, Phi Theta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious honor society serving two-year colleges around the world. The Society serves to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development through honors, leadership and service programming. Students must rank in the top 10% of the class to be invited to membership in Phi Theta Kappa and must maintain high academic standing during their enrollment in the two-year college. Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 2 million members and 1200 chapters located in 50 United States, Canada, Germany, the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the British Virgin Islands, the United Arab Emirates and U.S. territorial possessions. In 1929, the American Association of Community Colleges recognized Phi Theta Kappa as the official honor society for two-year colleges. The Society holds membership in the prestigious Association of College Honor Societies as the general scholarship honor society representing two-year colleges.