Business leaders attend CFCC’s “BIG” Symposium

Dozens of local area business leaders visited the Business, Industry and Government (BIG) Symposium at Cape Fear Community College on Tues., Dec. 13 at the McKeithan Center at CFCC’s North Campus.
The purpose of the event was to educate business owners and managers about the customized services and educational programs that the college offers to help business continue to prosper and grow in our local area.
According to Bill Kawczynski, CFCC’s Workforce Development Coordinator, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the training programs CFCC can provide.
“Whether the company is a multi-million dollar corporation or a small family-owned business, having a highly skilled workforce is the key to staying competitive,” Kawczynski said.
The event allowed business leaders to meet with CFCC staff and network with other business representatives who have used college services.
“Our mission is simple.  From learning a new software program to understanding how to operate specialized equipment, CFCC is here to provide employees with the skills they need to stay competitive in their field,” Kawcynski said.
Best of all, most of the services are offered at no cost or very low cost to businesses.
For more information, contact (910) 362-7901 or (910) 362-7912.