CFCC adds more classes and offers students another chance to register for the spring semester

 Students who wanted to enroll at Cape Fear Community College this semester but missed the chance now have another opportunity starting later this month.

CFCC will offer two special mini-sessions with over 100 additional full semester credit courses during the spring semester. The courses are compressed into a shorter time frame, but still cover the same material and offer a full semester of college credit.

College officials decided to offer the mini-session after noticing students who applied to the college were not able to get into the classes they wanted – or not registering at all.

“Some are our classes are in high demand and fill up very quickly. These mini-sessions will give students a second chance to get the classes they need to graduate on time,” said CFCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Amanda Lee.

Interest among prospective students remains high. New student applications were up by 8% over last year, but enrollment was slightly down.

“This shows us that the interest in the college is still at an all-time high, but many of those students were not able to register due to reasons related to finances, work and family,” Dr. Lee stated.

“For many non-traditional students, taking a full semester-long course is too much of a time commitment. By compressing the course material into a shorter amount of time, we hope to help students strike a balance between education and other obligations,” Dr. Lee explained.

One solution is by offering a “hybrid” class as part of the mini-session. Most of the classes in the mini-sessions are offered partially online and on-campus to help students with busy schedules.

The ten-week session starts on Feb. 17 and an eight-week session starts on March 2. All courses offer a full semester of credit.

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