Gregory Poole/CAT donates $140,000 in equipment to CFCC to help train marine engine technicians

Feb. 28, 2012

Gregory Poole/CAT recently donated $140,000 in equipment to Cape Fear Community College’s marine and diesel mechanics program.

The company provided to the program two large C-32 marine electronic diesel engines which teaches students to repair and maintain marine equipment used to power large yachts and industrial work boats.

Instructors say that having these engines will give students more hands-on experience with equipment which will make students more marketable to prospective employers.

“We are very grateful to Gregory Poole/CAT for their commitment to Cape Fear Community College. This equipment will give our students access to the latest technology that we haven’t had in the past,” said Patrick Freeland, lead instructor of the CFCC Marine Diesel Technology program.

“Getting experience to a wide variety of technology is going to give our students an edge when it comes time for them to look for a job,” Freeland said.

Each C-32 engine weighs three tons, displaces 32 liters in 12 cylinders and the electronic fuel injection and twin turbos can generate up to 1,900 horsepower. They are commonly used to power large performance yachts and ultra-high performance sport fishing vessels.

“CFCC is a leader in vocational training and Gregory Poole/CAT is proud to support these programs. When CFCC can train technicians in the most advanced engine technology, they graduate and enter the field with these skills and we all win.” said Sean Prendergast, training manager of Gregory Poole’s marine power division.

Prendergast added that Gregory Poole has hired three students in the past year that have graduated from CFCC’s program.

“These trades can never be outsourced and there is a shortage of competent, motivated technicians entering the ranks. This is as American as it gets.” Prendergast said.