CFCC Students Receive “Tools for the Future” Scholarship

Six students in Cape Fear Community College’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (ACHR) program will not only have the knowledge they need to begin their careers, but thanks to a generous donor, they will also have the tools.

At a small ceremony held on July 16, Jason Markham, Scott Brown, Ian Aldrich, Jose Vergara, Joel Matarazzo, and Bruce MacKenzie each received a new set of tools valued at $800.  During the event, the ACHR Lead Instructor Tom McMillon recognized each student with a certificate along with their new tools.

MacKenzie expressed his gratitude for the scholarship.  He said he liked being able to select from a group of items and customize the award to his needs.  He added that scholarships had made it possible for him to attend school.

“The scholarships I received were a big help,” said MacKenzie, “they’re the way I got through school.”

MacKenzie has already found employment, and will have a job waiting for him after graduation.  He credits his instructor and the school’s curriculum.

“This program really promotes the licenses and certifications necessary to begin working right after school.  Tom McMillon is a great instructor.  If you are willing to make the effort, he will do everything he can to make sure you’re getting what you need and that you are successful in the program.”

The criteria for the award stipulated that the students be graduating seniors in their last semester who had completed the ACHR program successfully.

MacKenzie said he was excited about the tools and ready to get to work.  “I’ll be able to use these tools right away,” he said.