CFCC to offer Behavioral Health Technician Classes – Morning and Evening Sessions

Beginning August 20th, CFCC will offer a Behavioral Health Technician Class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am – 12pm. In this class, students will be trained in basic core skills needed to provide support services to clients in a variety of settings, such as mental health facilities/agencies, foster homes, homeless shelters, prisons, schools and other human service organizations. Students will learn to provide rehabilitation services and interventions necessary for their clients to achieve rehabilitative, sobriety and recovery goals. Students will understand the state and local guidelines for providing services to mental health, development disabilities, and substance abuse clients and applying these guidelines in a professional manner. Students will also understand the psychological, social, pharmacological, genetic and emotional aspects of addiction and how it affects individuals and their family members. Students will be trained in crisis intervention to minimize the occurrence of emergency situations. Upon completion, students will be certified in North Carolina Interventions (NCI), First Aid/CPR, and Person Centered Thinking. Coursework will also fulfill Community Awareness Program (CAP) credentials. The cost of this class is $178. An evening session is also offered this Fall at CFCC’s North Campus, beginning September 4th. Call 910-362-7319 for additional details.