Local job seekers find success with CFCC’s career readiness program

CFCC Career Readiness Coordinator Mary Wood (left) stands with Gordon Yeazel and Christine Ossipov.

Gordon Yeazel was at a crossroads. A successful business executive with years of experience in the kitchen and bath business, Yeazel suddenly found himself in an odd position – seeking a new job.

The troubled economy had led to a decline in his business and he needed something more stable.

Yeazel’s wife, Maureen, read an article about CFCC’s Career Readiness program in the paper and showed it to him.

Soon afterwards, Yeazel made an appointment to meet with Mary Wood, CFCC’s Career Readiness Coordinator.

“Mary was good as a sounding board,” said Yeazel. “She helped me discover new resources available for job seekers.”

Specifically, Wood helped Yeazel with his Linkedin profile, and introduced him to several web-based employment resources. Then, Yeazel registered for CFCC’s Resume Workshop. Christine Ossipov, the instructor, helped Yeazel to evaluate and revise his resume.

Ossipov says that people often need a little help narrowing their focus on what they really want to do. “I ask people the right questions,” she says. Those questions, which are simple, but effective, help people decide what kinds of jobs they’d like to pursue.

“People usually come in with some sort of resume, and we go from there, making revisions and improvements as necessary. Sometimes people aren’t a good judge of what they do, and they diminish their responsibilities. People often don’t give themselves credit for how much their contributions have impacted the success of the companies they’ve worked for. You have to convey that on a resume,” says Ossipov.

“Every single thing you do at a job is for the success of the company. When people answer these questions, they start to realize that their job skills mean something. When people start to see their own worth, it really helps with their resume and in their interviews.”

Ossipov reviews work history with her clients, and asks questions to help them realize their transferrable skills. “Even if jobs are unrelated, skill commonalities can be highlighted.” Ossipov says job seekers should have a different resume for every position for which they apply. “Tailor your resume for what the potential employer wants. See what skills you possess that the employer needs.”

Yeazel credits the resume he perfected at CFCC as part of the reason he found employment. In fact, Gordon started getting interviews within two weeks of Ossipov’s assistance.

“When I was hired at General Shale, two people were reviewing applicant resumes. Out of 75 applicants, my boss and the regional manager narrowed the pool down to two candidates. After I was hired, I found out that they had both picked the same two candidates, so I know my resume had something to do with that. I know that my resume and the way it was done had an impression, without a doubt.”

The services Yeazel received at CFCC helped him to get himself ready to look for a new job, and to boost his confidence level as he searched for a new career. His time and effort paid off. Today Yeazel works for General Shale Brick as an Outside Sales Representative.

Yeazel likes his job. “It’s a great job, with more money than the average in Wilmington, a brand new car, and an expense account.”

Yeazel is thankful for his experience at CFCC. “You have to do something. I didn’t know what CFCC could do for me, but it was huge, and it didn’t cost me a dime. Now my wife Maureen’s doing the same thing.”

CFCC offers several similar classes for job seekers, often at reduced rates or at no cost, depending on employment status. Call 362-7050 for more information.