CFCC grad opens new local bakery

CFCC culinary graduate Bree Peterson-Resnick recently opened her own bakery in Wilmington, NC.

A graduate from CFCC’s Culinary Arts program, Bree Peterson- Resnick, has used her talent and education to give Wilmington a new choice of bakeries by opening Uprising.

Uprising, located at 1701 Wrightsville Avenue, advertises itself as “Not Just a Bakery.” Uprising has everything from cheesecake and red velvet cake to savory goat cheese pastries and veggie scones. Resnick’s tasty treats are unique, due to her use of almost entirely locally grown, organic ingredients and her large selection of gluten-free goodies. Local or American made retail items such as hammocks, greeting cards, wind chimes and shirts can also be found at Uprising. Resnick describes this unique fusion as, “selling an atmosphere, not just a cupcake.”

Resnick relocated from Syracuse, New York, to the Port City in 1991. She graduated from New Hanover High School in 2001. As an arts enthusiast, Resnick imagined herself working in the theatre, but years later, discovered her love for cooking. “I knew that I wanted to do something food-related and I eventually figured out that I was good at making things taste good and look pretty. That combination let me use my creativity to the max,” says Resnick.

Resnick launched her culinary journey by enrolling in CFCC’s Culinary Arts program. She praises the program and its benefits. “They give you all the tools you need to be successful,” says Resnick. “You learn how to purchase your products, set up your kitchen, hire your staff, create menus, evaluate your product, and to analyze your profits and losses.”

Resnick applauds her CFCC culinary professors, Chef Valerie Mason, Chef Jim Dishaw and Chef Marilyn Lowers. “They helped to shape my style and views on everything from steak to cake and back again! I admire and love those chefs and am so grateful for all they have taught me,” she exclaims.

Resnick has some advice for current and future CFCC culinary students. “I would recommend this program to other prospective students, as long as they are focused, strong and enthusiastic.” The importance of class attendance is something she stresses.

Resnick’s own work ethic has certainly paid off. With the achievement of her culinary arts degree, and the support of her loving family, Resnick was able to successfully start her own successful in-home wedding cake business, which eventually led to the opening of Uprising.

Today, Resnick is married and has two children. She co-owns Uprising with Michael Scott, her husband, and says she has achieved her culinary dream. She says, “I not only work in a kitchen where I’m needed and appreciated, but I get to be my own boss and I have all the artistic freedom I could ever want.”