CFCC Marine Technology Students Deploy Life Raft in Training Exercise

Students in the Marine Technology program at Cape Fear Community College participated in a life raft deployment exercise.

The purpose of the drill was to give students hands-on experience with the proper safety and survival equipment needed in case of an emergency at sea.

Led by Steve Beuth, captain of the college’s research vessel the R/V Dan Moore, students lit signaling flares and smoke canisters before inflating the raft, which is designed to hold up to 25 people. The craft inflated in under 30 seconds. In a real-life situation, the raft would contain food, blankets, first aid supplies and other materials needed to survive in the harsh conditions on the ocean.

Capt. Beuth said that this is the essential training for students to live and work safely at sea, but hopes they never have to use it. Every student in CFCC’s Marine Tech program spends a total of 32 days at sea over a period of two years. The R/V Dan Moore is equipped with two identical life rafts during every training voyage.

Watch the video of the drill here: