CFCC’s “Black Poets Speak” explores African American writings

The community will have an opportunity to explore writings from dozens of African American authors during a multimedia exhibit entitled “Black Poets Speak” held at Cape Fear Community College later this month.

The exhibit features a series of 30 individual audio recordings of African American poetry which cover a wide range of historical periods, starting from slavery and leading up to present day.

Exhibit organizers explained that being able to hear the spoken word will give audiences a new perspective on the work, rather than reading it silently from the printed page. Many of the contemporary poets can be heard reading their own work at the exhibit.

Local talent appearing in the exhibit include regional authors Glenis Redmond, Shelton Green, Lenard D. Moore, Jason Mott and L. Lamar Wilson.

After listening to the work, participants will be able to respond with their own reactions at a “Reflection Station” also located at the exhibit.

“Black Poets Speak” will be available on Feb 15 and Feb. 22 from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. in room L-110A of the Health Sciences Building at the downtown Wilmington Campus. Admission is free.