Cape Fear Community College nominates student for statewide award

Courtney Hul - Dallas Herring Nominee 2013

Cape Fear Community College recently named Courtney Hull as its nominee for The Dallas Herring Achievement Award, an honor presented to one student in the N.C. Community College System each year.

Hull was nominated by Cynthia Haycock, a paralegal instructor at Cape Fear Community College. According to Haycock, Hull is one of her most exceptional students and routinely exhibits high levels of intelligence, critical thinking skills and diligence.

Haycock says that for Hull “the possibilities are endless and it is exciting to me as an instructor to see a student stretch beyond her former boundaries and toward future goals.”

At CFCC, Hull is the co-chair of the Student Ambassador Program as well as the secretary of the CFCC Student Government Association. In addition to these positions of leadership, she also serves on the college’s Judicial Board.

The offices held by Hull have enabled her to emerge as a confident and respected leader in her community as well as at CFCC. She says her instructors have helped her by “offering their knowledge and words of encouragement every step of the way.”

Of her nomination, Hull says “I am both honored and humbled to be Cape Fear Community College’s sole nominee for this prestigious award. I am confident that my experiences at Cape Fear Community College have prepared me to succeed in my future endeavors.”

Currently, Hull is applying to represent the Eastern Division as an Executive Officer in the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association and dreams of one day having a career in our nation’s capital.

Every year, each North Carolina community college may nominate one student or alumnus whom they believe best represents the late Dr. Dallas Herring’s philosophy of “taking people where they are and carrying them as far as they can go.” This means that the nominee is an overall outstanding person who challenges themselves to exceed expectations in every facet of their lives. Dr. Herring is considered the “founding father” of the N.C. Community College System.

The recipient of The Dallas Herring Achievement Award will be selected by the Presidents’ Association and announced in early March 2013.