Faculty Members’ Involvement in Advising – How Often Do You Refer Students?

On the 2011 CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement) 91% of our full-time faculty referred students to academic advising/planning services sometimes or often, compared to 85% of the entire CCSSE cohort. Seventy-four percent of our part-time faculty referred students to academic advising/planning services sometimes or often, compared to 71% of the entire cohort.



Of the entire faculty that responded to the question, “During the current year, is academic advising part of your teaching role at this college?” 55% of full-time and 7% of part time faculty answered YES!  When students were asked how often they have talked about career plans with an instructor or advisor, 66% stated they spoke sometimes or often or very often.


Remember, like the IRS tax deadline, advising for summer and fall is only about 6 weeks away!