Align Your Sails


Align Your Sails is oriented toward an educational focus on assisting students (shipmates) with their transition into Sea Devil waters here at CFCC. Faculty or staff (crew) interact and communicate to encourage, guide, connect and develop a coach/friend relationship with the shipmate. It is through this process we are hoping to heighten awareness of the services and programs offered, give guidance in setting realistic goals and expectations and assuring that each shipmate has an opportunity to have a successful academic voyage while attending CFCC.

 Align Your Sails Goals

  • to enhance academic achievement, personal growth, and career & employment      success
  • to provide someone who can make a difference, someone who has wisdom, skills, and      experience to share
  • to develop social networks, foster study networks and collaborative learning
  • to help develop confidence in dealing with academic tasks
  • to promote life-long learning
  • to encourage student engagement
  • to aid in increasing retention

Please refer students to the CFCC webpage, click on Student Support Services and click on Align Your Sails.