Program Review Data

Program Reviews are conducted at least every five years for a program. What sort of data is used for this? Well, there is a lot.

  •     Student Profile: Full-time/Part-time. Male/female. Ethnicity.
  •     FTE – last 5 years.
  •     Number of graduates by year (and by degree type AAS, AS, AA, C, D).
  •     Note how many of the Performance Measures for Student Success apply to this program.
  •     Any accreditation by an outside agency or board.
  •     Faculty and Staffing information.
  •     Advisory committee update and meeting minutes.
  •     Curriculum review (up to date, last revised, number hours to complete).
  •     Any articulation agreement with other colleges.
  •     Equipment expenses by year.
  •     Graduation rates.
  •     Employment trends
  •     Surveys
    •       Currently enrolled students
    •       Graduates
    •       Advisory Committee
    •       Employee Satisfaction

And that’s why it takes nearly an entire year to complete a program review!