Restore full funding to CFCC’s Marine Technology Program

From CFCC President Dr. Ted D. Spring:

We need your help.

This month has been both an incredibly exciting and frustrating time for the Cape Fear Community College Marine Technology program. On March 14, the college purchased the nationally-recognized research vessel the R/V Cape Hatteras to replace the R/V Dan Moore for offshore training, which is the core strength of our program.

Unfortunately, not even a week after the R/V Cape Hatteras arrived in Wilmington, the funding for the program was targeted for a devastating cut by the governor’s budget proposal. This cut reduces the marine technology budget from $688,670 to $345,000, roughly half of the program’s overall budget.

If FULL funding is not restored by the North Carolina General Assembly, our marine technology program will be unable to provide the critical training our students need to get jobs. Specifically, the cut will prevent the college from operating the R/V Cape Hatteras, and, therefore, eliminate the at-sea training that is so vital to the program.

While college officials are working with leaders in the state government to reverse this cut, we need your help to make sure this critical job training program can continue.

Please contact your local North Carolina state senators and representatives and urge them to restore FULL funding to CFCC’s Marine Technology program this year.

The best information to communicate is your own personal experience with the program – especially if you are a student or graduate. The key message we need to communicate to our state leaders is that this program gives students the training they need to get jobs.

A list of talking points and contact information for state senators and representatives is listed below. In our experience, the combination of an email followed up with a personal phone call is the most effective method of communication with our state lawmakers.

I appreciate your support of Cape Fear Community College and the Marine Technology Program. Your voice will make a difference! With our combined efforts, we will be successful in restoring funding for this critical job training program for our students and all of North Carolina.


Dr. Ted D. Spring, CFCC President


For full details about CFCC’s Marine Technology Program and the key legislators to contact click here.