April is National Alcohol Awareness Month

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month and in observance, the Counseling Unit will release a new tool to be used to educate students on their alcohol consumption habits and provide a resource guide that can assist those who need useful information on where to go for help. “Echeckup To Go”, a confidential online survey tool developed by psychology professors at San Diego State University, will be available at www.cfcc.edu/alcohol.

This survey is split into the following categories: measuring blood alcohol level during a typical week, physical and economic cost of the consumption, personal risk factors, drinking and driving, comparison of an individual’s consumption habits to others, personal goals and aspirations, making a change, and campus and local resources. Students access this survey via a CFCC link that explains the purpose and expected outcome of taking the questionnaire. The instrument is confidential but will gather data outcomes via a report building tool which will be used to monitor the program’s effectiveness.

The tool will be introduced during Spring Fling and counselors will be available to answer questions and provide further information on both the Downtown and North Campus.

This is a project funded by a CFCC Foundation grant and is being coordinated by Krisitina Bartlett, CFCC Counselor.  If you have questions about how to get your class involved or want more information about the project, please contact Kristina at 362-7719.