Summer Mix of Students

Looking at academic headcount for the past several years (2005-06 through 2011-12), our overall student body consists of about 70% Associate degree students. Associate degree students include College Transfer (AA, AS, AFA), Associate in General Education (AGE) and Associate in Applied Science students (AAS). Thirteen percent of our students are certificate and diploma students. Sixteen percent are what is referred to as Transitional – Special Credit, Life Long Learners, Huskins or Dual enrolled.

But what happens to the mix in the summer?


In the summer semester we see an 8% increase in our Associate degree students. This could be new students getting a head start on classes or transfer students trying to fit in an extra class. Certificate and Diploma students remain steady at 13%. And even though there is a 7% decrease in transitional students in the summer, we still have over 3500 people taking advantage of the shortened semesters. 

Submitted by:  Barbara Brown, Institutional Researcher