A Closer Look at Distance Learning

Data provided to us by the North Carolina Community College System office gives us a look at how many students are taking Distance Learning classes. Based on fall 2012 data of degree seeking students, about 8% of students at CFCC are taking ALL distance-learning courses. Twenty-five percent of our students take some online classes, and over 60% take no DL classes.

How do our numbers compare to other North Carolina Community Colleges, similar to us in size? It appears that we are slightly below the average for degree seeking students taking some online classes. The average was 30%, while CFCC has 25%. Some possible reasons could be that the other schools offer more DL classes, or the demographics of the other colleges may account for the difference.

When non-degree seeking students were compared, we were pretty close to the average – 15% taking some DL classes compared to our 17% and 14% compared to our 13% of non-degree seeking students that were taking all DL classes.

Percent of Distance Learning

The North Carolina Community College System has a Distance Learning web site providing information, a place to share course material and develop contacts.

Visit http://vlc.nccommunitycolleges.edu/index.htm for more information.