Graduating Student Goals

Candidates for graduation must file an “Intent to Graduate” form through the CFCC Registrar’s office. At the same time, they are required to complete the Graduating Student Opinion survey. This survey documents the student experience and provides the college with some options for continual improvement.

And although this academic year doesn’t end until summer session ends, we took a peek at some of the data that answers the question about students primary goal in attending CFCC.

attend goals

As you might expect, the top goals are to receive a 2-year degree, get a head start on a 4-year degree, or receive a diploma or certificate. Just over 12% want to improve their job skills, almost 5½ % want to prepare for a new job, and a small portion just want to learn something new.

Of the students responding, 89% said YES! If they were to begin again they would choose to attend CFCC. Congratulations to the 2013 spring graduates and thank you, faculty and staff for helping them reach their goals.