New CFCC course to clear up misconceptions about annuities

What are the latest annuity scams? When are annuities a perfect fit in your portfolio and when are they not?  Is the annuity you own right for you or should you cash it in or exchange it tax free?  What are living benefits and how do they guarantee income for life?  Should you lock in a higher death benefit with your current annuity now that the market is up?  These and many other questions will be answered in a Cape Fear Community College course especially for retirees titled: “ ANNUITIES: MYTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONS”.   This continuing education course will cover fixed, indexed, variable and immediate annuities. Other topics include taxes, fixed interest rates, growth, income, probate, and more.

The instructor, Matthew Weissman, is a financial advisor with over ten years of financial experience with eight years on Wall Street in Institutional Fixed Income.  This course has been taught over sixty times all over North Carolina and Weissman says that “never before has taking this class been more important.”

“With the recent rise in interest rates, swings in in the stock market, and the Fed’s expected “tapering” policy, retirees need to be better educated to cover a multitude of risks with their finances,” Weissman said.

The class will run for three weeks,  from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays starting on July 23.  It will be held at the Busines, Industry and Government Center at 805 N. 3rd Street in Wilmington.  To register, please call 910-362-7319 or register online at

The cost for this informative class is only $53, which includes parking and workbooks.