New computer technology program in development at CFCC

As jobs in the technology sector continue to expand, Cape Fear Community College is planning to offer a new career training program in computer technology.
Entitled Computer Technology Integration, the new program will allow students to earn a two year associates degree and earn specific industry-standard certifications.
“Because computer skills are so critical in nearly every field, it’s important that students have a broad base of knowledge but also have the flexibility to specialize in certain areas,” said Dr. Amanda Lee, CFCC vice president of instructional services.
College officials said that the program will help students qualify for computer-related jobs in information technology, software development, web development, network administration, information systems security, systems administration and computer hardware.
The CFCC Board of Trustees approved the new program last week. The college will next submit the program for approval to the N.C. Community College System. If approved, the program will start in August 2014.
For more details, contact Melissa Watson, CFCC chair of business technologies at 362-7281.