Digital Photography Series Continues in Spring 2014: Five courses offered!

Greetings Photography Enthusiasts!

Dick Parrot is offering 5 courses in the spring semester 2014 as follows:

Basic Digital Photography II-DSLR       1/13-2/5/14, Mon/Wed 6-9pm, $78

Course Code 65760       (Don’t let the II confuse you. This is the first class.)

Beyond Basic Digital Photography I    2/17-4/14/14, Mon/Wed 6-9pm, $133

Course Code 66023

Photoshop for Photographers               4/16-5/12/14, Mon/Wed 6-9pm, $78

Course Code 66024

Beyond Basic Digital Photography II   1/14-3/11/14, Tues/Thurs 6-9pm, $133

Course Code 66503

Digital Applications & Principles           3/18-5/13/14, Tues/Thurs 6-9pm, $133

Course Code 66083

All courses are taught at the North Campus. Courses are taught in sequential order with the prior course being a pre-requisite for the next, except in the case of Photoshop for Photographers, which can be taken anytime after the DSLR class.

Contact Renee Dixon at , or 362-7196, for more information and for additional instructions regarding online registration.