New Student Orientation

Welcome to CFCC online orientation program. Research indicates that students who attend or view a New Student Orientation program are more successful in their studies. Therefore, we have provided a video of our on-campus presentation for your convenience in learning about the services we provide including academic, financial and personal resources. Following the orientation video, return to this page and scroll below the presentation to view each of the tutorials regarding the online registration process.  A transcript of the video is also provided if needed.

Thank you for visiting our online orientation and taking the first step on your path to success at CFCC.

Program Evaluation Series

  1. How to Access Program Evaluation
  2. How to Read a Program Evaluation: Program Summary Section
  3. How to Read a Program Evaluation: Program Requirements Section
  4. How to Read a Program Evaluation: Developmental Courses
  5. How to Access a What-If Program Evaluation


Registration Series

  1. How to Search the Online Schedule of Classes
  2. myCFCC Web Portal
  3. WebAdvisor Student Menu
  4. How to Register for Classes Online
  5. How to Drop Classes Online
  6. Online Registration Tips

Ben David- District Attorney of New Hanover County

“A message to CFCC Students.”


CFCC’s Male Minority Mentoring Program