Dental Clinic Equipment Replacement


Mary Ellen Naylor


Dental Hygiene Program Director


Dental/Health Sciences

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ext. 7193

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Project Description:

Replace dated equipment

Project Needs / Outcomes:

The equipment would be placed in the dental clinic of the Health Sciences Building.  This clinic supports both the Dental Assisting and the Dental Hygiene programs.  The equipment would include patient chairs, operator stools, cabinetry, and sink stations for each patient and radiography unit. This equipment would replace dated equipment that requires considerable repair expenses each year.  The new equipment will be a true integration of current technology demands, will increase student ergonomic health and safety, will provide more energy efficient lighting and hydraulics, and will also allow an option for future technologies.

The dental hygiene clinic is the classroom for the dental hygiene student’s clinical experiences.  It also provides the lab setting and some clinical experiences for the dental assisting students.  Preventive dental services, including cleaning, x-rays, sealants, and exams are provided to the community as part of the dental hygiene students’ education.  From July 1, 2011 to present, the dental assisting and dental hygiene students provided approximately $331, 000 in services to the community.

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Equipment (List equipment on budget form.)

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Project Director:

This will be a joint project for both the dental assisting and dental hygiene programs with Mary Ellen Naylor and Sarah Stone as direct contacts.

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1.Please see attached budget information