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Educational Partnerships

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Human trafficking is an international crisis that begins in our own community of Wilmington, NC. A large number of victims are lured into modern slavery through force, fraud or coercion as children. Awareness of the problem can reduce the incidence of human trafficking in our community and beyond. This global-local (“glo-cal”) project will initiate a public awareness campaign with the goal of curbing human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking of women and children, which happens all over the world, in the U.S., and even right here in Wilmington.

Project Needs / Outcomes:

As a component of a greater inter-cultural center at CFCC, this project will be a college-wide effort with strands that include:

  • A service learning program with community partners that provide volunteer opportunities for students who wish to be on the front lines of helping to end human trafficking;
  • A curriculum component that engages faculty at the community college to integrate modern day slavery discussions and community involvement in the CFCC awareness campaign;
  • Resources for students, community, and faculty housed in the intercultural center;
  • A student-led lecture and film series with monthly or bi-monthly presentations throughout the school year, commencing in August 2013. Potentially, it would dovetail with other local or national events, such as Sex Matters @ CFCC, Women’s History Month events @ CFCC, Abolition Day (U.N. designated day, Dec. 3), and Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service (MLK Day, Jan.)

Through all of the strands above, students will create and/or participate in a campaign using the Internet, letter-writing, video, posters, traditional media and more. Whether directly or indirectly, through involvement in this project, students would reap the benefits of service learning: connecting abstract concepts to real-world experiences and civic engagement, and reflecting upon their experiences. Students will be able to contextualize the issue of local Human Trafficking through both an historical and a global point-of-view. They will also understand how they can affect large and complicated issues through the tools and networks they utilize daily. Faculty who are involved in the project will reap the benefits of connecting to the local community and in building partnerships across the CFCC curriculum.

In a broader sense, this project brings the college front and center in the community as an important conduit of information about a serious global issue that can only be changed if people know it exists.

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Kate Sunthuff

Project Budget


Estimated Amount Needed

1.  Marketing and P.R. materials (CFCC print shop pricing)


2.  Transportation/Lodging (two national conferences per year, 2-3 people, including students)


3.  Support staffing (full-time director to serve as Intercultural Center manager Daily 8-5 w/ half salary coming from this budget, half coming from Intercultural Center budget)


4.  Resources for library in intercultural center


5.  2-3 Ipads designated for student check-out for social media postings and event planning


6. Six-ten events per year focused on Human Trafficking theme (film rentals, speaker fees, etc.)


7. Office set-up/supplies