Welcome New Members!

Welcome New Members: Rick Conn, Wesley Gubitz, Bret Hering, Zachary Pluer, and Justin Stermer!

Purpose Statement

To promote and facilitate the development of sustainable practices and policies through the collaborative efforts of faculty, students and staff.

Member Term Ends Chair Email
Rick Conn 2019-06-30 reconn088@mail.cfcc.edu
Karly Dahlin 2018-06-30 kedahlin657@mail.cfcc.edu
Jacob Deininger 2018-06-30  X jddeininger616@mail.cfcc.edu
Wesley Gubitz 2019-06-30 wegubitz30@mail.cfcc.edu
Bret Hering 2019-06-30 bjhering25@mail.cfcc.edu
David Kanoy 2019-06-30 dhkanoy647@mail.cfcc.edu
Kathy Martinez 2018-06-30 kmmartinez310@mail.cfcc.edu
Laura Moore 2019-06-30 lcmoore880@mail.cfcc.edu
Abby Perry 2018-06-30 asperry551@mail.cfcc.edu
Zachary Pluer 2019-06-30 zjpluer924@mail.cfcc.edu
Justin Stermer 2018-06-30 jlstermer765@mail.cfcc.edu
John Wojciechowski jrwojciechowski419@mail.cfcc.edu

FREE Film Screening: A Plastic Ocean

CFCC Sustainability & CFCC E.C.O. present:
A Screening and Discussion with Sam Athey
Director of Chapters of P.O.P. (Plastic Ocean Project)
Thursday April 20, 2017 6-8pm

A Plastic Ocean

@ CFCC Wilson Center Studio Theater
corner of 2nd & Hanover Streets
Free & Open to the public

FREE FILM SCREENING: Democracy for Sale

CFCC Feminist Alliance, the New Hanover County NAACP, and Working Films present:

Democracy for Sale

North Carolina — perhaps more than any other state in the Union — has been transformed by the new and growing tidal wave of political spending. Zach Galifianakis, the comic star of “The Hangover” movies, travels back to his home state to investigate how North Carolina has become a bellwether for how the money of a few has come to dominate our democracy. Galifianakis investigates allegations that the current state government was put in power by moneyed interests and has thus carried out a program that only benefits its backers: cuts to education, healthcare spending and environmental protection; lowering of taxes for the wealthy and corporations; and the passage of laws designed to roll back access to the ballot.

February 9
Union Station Auditorium – U170

Free and open to the public.

No ticket needed – seating given on a first come, first served basis.