UPDATE: CFCC Battery Recycling

Just this semester, CFCC has collected/recycled 35 lbs of batteries!

That’s more than the weight of a three year old child…

3 year old

That’s more than the weight of a cinder block…


That’s more than the weight of an average microwave…


Great job, CFCC! Keep it up. Battery recycling fixtures can be found in both the North Campus (McKeithan Center) and Wilmington Campus (L-Building) libraries as well as the Wilmington Campus IT Help Desk (A-Building/Galehouse).


Back to School Green Tips

“We all know instilling good habits is easiest when we’re young, so more and more parents and educators are working to make kids aware of the importance of caring for our planet. As kids get ready to return to school in the fall, here are some simple tips to encourage sustainable habits and support a healthy environment… and healthy kids!”

Green Tips

Sustainability Chalkwall

Sustainability @ CFCC.  What do our students, faculty, and staff want?

Sustainability Chalkwall

Sustainability: What could CFCC do to be more “Earth-friendly”?

  • Work with the city to establish cigarette butt disposal receptacles everywhere on sidewalks
  • Use Paper products instead of Styrofoam in cafeteria!
  • More Gardens
  • Recycling Program
  • Take the Bus!
  • Eat Less Meat
  • Solar
  • More Recycling Bins
  • A Big Park
  • E-Books
  • Solar Panels on all buildings
  • Paper recycling bins and paper shredders
  • Recycle paper
  • Form an energy use policy for lights and AC!

Battery Recycling @ the CFCC Library

The CFCC Sustainability Committee has partnered with the NHC Public Library and NHC Environmental Management team to bring battery recycling to the CFCC campuses!

Bring all types of spent batteries to either the Wilmington or North Campus library for recycling, starting this week! New battery recycling containers are in place, courtesy of the Environmental Management department.

Batteries will be taken to NHC’s Household Hazardous Waste facility to be sorted and shipped to approved recyclers.

Batteries contain corrosive chemicals and heavy metals that can contaminate groundwater, so please don’t toss used batteries in trash that’s headed to the landfill!

To help protect local air and water quality, research your options for recycling and safely disposing of hazardous wastes at Environmental Management’s website or by calling 910-798-4400.

Battery recycling container