Clubs and Organizations

Being that CFCC is a community college many students choose not to be involved in clubs and organizations around campus. But don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to get involved and get to know your school and fellow students better. CFCC has a large variety of clubs that are built around your interest and around your major. Some of the clubs that CFCC has to offer are Student Government Association (SGA), Alpha Chi Sigma (PTK), 3MP (Minority Male Mentoring Program), along with 23 other clubs. All the clubs and all the information you need to know about, such as meeting times/places, eligibility, ect. can be found on the CFCC website, in the Student Life category under the Activities and Clubs tab. I encourage everyone to get involved in the activities this school has to offer. It is one of my biggest regrets as a student is not getting involved sooner. Join clubs your freshman/ first year at CFCC, don’t be like me and wait until it’s almost too late. Now that I am involved in clubs I am more knowledgeable about the school and feel like I am making a difference in this school that will benefit generations of students to come.