Participation and Attendance

PAR Excellence

All students know that participation and attendance are essential to success.

Did you know that there are other resources at CFCC to help you be successful?

1)    Email: check it at least once per day!

You’ll get updates like, “class cancelled” or “don’t forget to complete online test”. Email is also a great way to ask your teacher a question, coordinate a group project or get information on events around campus.

2)    Teacher Office Hours: This is time that you will find your teacher in their office waiting to talk to you. Ask a quick question about the homework, interview them on their career experience in the field, or just pop over and say hello!

3)    Learning Labs: Through learning labs, supplemental instruction and peer tutoring, you can get help with any of your CFCC subjects free of charge! Don’t be shy, check it out!

4)    Text books: This may sound funny, but you’d be surprised how many students don’t use the books they bought. In addition to good old-fashioned reading, many textbooks today come with CDs, DVDs or online content – use it!

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