Studying is not a generic task that has a right and wrong way of being done.  Throughout this semester I myself am learning that different classes and instructors will require you to study differently simply because of their teaching styles.  The most important things to remember while studying are the following…Don’t try to remember everything at once, don’t simply memorize, and don’t freak out.  If you memorize, you may remember it for the test, but unless you truly understand what you are memorizing, it will never stick and then you will have more issues on finals. Also, if you try to do all of your studying in one sitting, not only will your brain feel like a bowl of jello when you are done, you will also not remember half of what you read when you go to take your test.  It is much more helpful to sit down in a few different shifts and knock it out little by little.  So to wrap it up, read little by little and then leave it alone for a little bit…see if you can still remember what you read when you come back to it. And another great study technique is, after you have studied a while and you think you have it, teach it to someone.  I am always bugging my boyfriend and room mates teaching them sociology and psychology…but if you can teach it, then you know it! So, good luck. and Study it up!