FINALS!!! :-(


As the semester comes to an end the stress and anxiety of finals begins. It seems as though every test all comes at once! You have a biology test Monday and psychology test Tuesday and so on until the end of week. I know by the time finals week is over it feels as though a whole entire month has gone by! An entire semesters worth of learning and remembering what you have learned is all being tested and to make matters worse you have to remember multiple subjects. Studying is usually a thing we dread, but if you make studying fun such as creating games like memory games and flash cards sometimes the pain of studying can be eased and it will be more enjoyable! I know something that really helps me especially with my Anatomy class is if I look at studying as a challenge or competition. I want to win this challenge so I work my butt off studying so that I win! Or by winning I mean make the best possible grade. Studying can be much more enjoyable… or as enjoyable as it gets if you look at it as a competition that you want to win. You also want to make sure you put aside as much time as possible to study before your exams. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! That is the absolute worst decision! The more time you have to study the more comfortable and confident you will be when taking your tests. Additional ways to study would be to look at diagrams, YouTube tutorials, and even complete practice tests. The more you practice the better you will do. As they say “practice makes perfect!” Also taking a break from studying is a useful tactic, as your brain will get frazzled so it’s a great thing to give your brain a break and go eat or go outside to get some fresh air, and even running or some form of physical exercise helps clear your mind. All in all finals will be a stressful time, but if you study well and have the right attitude and mindset, you should definitely ace the tests!  Good Luck to you all!