Procrastination Nation!

Procrastination is inevitable at some point in life; but for college students, it happens more regularly than it should. Procrastination by definition is “to put off doing something, especially by habitual carelessness or laziness.” College students especially have acquired this problem of putting things off because many of us have spread ourselves very thin and have a lot on our plates. Between classes, work, practice, club meetings, workouts, or even family events; often times studying gets put on the back burner. I know for me this is especially true. This semester alone I am experiencing the struggle to juggle all student life has to offer, along with future planning for University in the fall. I have put together an important list of tips that I have learned through triumph and failure and I have figured out what works and what clearly does not. These are just a few tricks of the trade that I have acquired as a Student Ambassador and fellow college student:

  • “If you can’t be on time, BE EARLY!” This was quoted to me in my time of crisis by Dean Heath who leads and assists with Ambassador Tours and Events. If you cannot be on time for something whether it is work or class, you have not allotted enough time for it. It is not only helpful to you the student to be on time and not miss anything important, but being on time helps build yourself up and make a good impression.
  • Be that schedule making, post-it sticking girl you always heard about… It may sound lame but it truly helps a lot! Making a schedule helps you keep track of time, keep track of important events/appointments, and it keeps everything in one place so there is no chance to forget or “lose” something.
  • Stick it on the fridge. Making a schedule is great but if you never read it and add to it, it will never help you. Put it in a place you see daily like your bathroom mirror, fridge, car visor, or find a spot in your bag to carry with you. This way your schedule is always handy and you can add to it and refer to it whenever you need to.
  • Find a good “Buddy.” I personally get more done if I surround myself with others who are all working towards the same goal. Find someone to study with that is a good match for you. Make sure that you both are on the same academic level and someone that has the same drive as you do. You will motivate each other and both will thrive!
  • Eliminate Distractions. Just getting to the point of being ready to sit down and study is half the battle, but don’t lose focus! Study some place that is a good spot for you. You may have a different spot than someone else. Some like it quiet so they can really concentrate; others need a little bit of background noise so they don’t think of all of the other things on their to-do list. Some prefer to study in their comfort zone of home and others need to be at the library or a coffee shop. Wherever you study just make sure it is a perfect fit for you!
  • Be Reasonable. Do not beat yourself up if you cannot make everything perfect. Remember, you will take on hundreds of projects or papers throughout your time as a college student, as long as you use your time wisely, do your research, try your best, and put your own unique personality into everything you do, it will be your best work and it will be yours.
  • Reward Yourself! This can make even the most painful annoying projects fun and it will get them completed! Once you’ve completed that paper or that outline, take a breather. Do something fun and relaxing and it will refresh you and you will be able to move to the next project ahead. The point is to have something to look forward to so you begin to associate hard work and school with pleasure!