There are many different opinions about being successful in life. In my opinion it takes determination, time and hard work. College is difficult for everyone at some point throughout the journey. There is always that person in class who knows all of the answers and makes good grades without even studying for an hour. Just as there is always that person who is tardy on the regular, falls asleep during lecture and misses the maximum amount of hours possible. Success is what you make it at Cape Fear Community College. If you put forth the determination, instructors will help you in any way possible to fulfill your dreams of finishing your degree. One must make their dream a priority and set aside enough time to focus on the importance of their education. No one ever said life is easy. It will take a lot of hard work be successful in most things in life, but at CFCC the instructors are there to guide you in every way possible. Be successful and make your dreams a reality!

– Holly