Special Certifications

Microsoft Office Certification Exams

Are you studying for a career that will include the use of computers on a daily basis?

There is something extra that you can do now to show your future employer you mean business; become a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist!

The certification exams are administered by a CFCC faculty member here on campus. The testing program is through an international company called Certiport and there is a fee for these exams. Don’t let the cost deter you; speak to your instructor about scholarship funds available specifically to cover the testing fee.

Here is a brief outline of the testing process and some tips:

  • speak with your instructor to indicate your interest in becoming certified
  • secure the testing fee
  • first time – set up a Certiport profile at www.certiport.com (remember user name and password for test day)
  • ask your instructor for an outline of objectives for the certification exam, or other study tips
  • test day – arrive on time, rested, fed, and focused
  • all personal belongings will need to be left at the front of the classroom
  • you will be assigned a computer station (all programs are locked out except the testing system)
  • the testing administrator will help you log in and select the correct test
  • the first few screens are directions and not timed – read them carefully, don’t rush
  • the certification tests are timed (50 minutes in most cases)
  • the tests formats are not like SAM – this system will not indicate a wrong answer
  • the test do not have vocabulary, multiple choice or fill in the blank
  • you can skip questions – these questions will be presented again

When you pass an exam Certiport send s you an embossed certificate and letter. You then have access to an online community and something extra you can add to your resume. Certiport will even send your testing transcript to prospective employers so they can confirm your status. As you continue in your career you can take higher level exams in many different programs.