Effective Decisions

Every day each individual makes decisions, chocolate or vanilla? Life or death? Some are simple and then some tend to be complicated and require plenty of thought. In the spirit of the moment people sometimes make drastic decisions on temporary feelings. Make wise decisions because one never knows how their present simple minded actions will affect their future goals and aspirations. Decision making is a vital leadership and professional skill. When making decisions take the time fully analyze the choices being made. I urge everyone to realize that not every decision made is the right one but to not let that one bad choice hinder their future. In a sense there are no wrong or right decisions some just seem to be the better choice at the time. Hindsight might not be able to correct past mistakes, but it will aid improved decision making in the future. The steps to making effective decisions are to reduce more complicated decisions to simpler steps, see how any decisions are arrived at, and plan decisions making to meet deadlines.  Remember these steps when making upcoming decisions and also remember to not let one bad choice control your future.