A little help at CFCC

Cape Fear Community College, one of the top community college in the United States. This reputation is well earned for a broad range of offerings. Courses, which for most transfer students will be the same or quite similar to what they will be experience in a four-year university but for a fraction of the price. It is well understood that college classes are not easy but CFCC provides all their students with centers were they could get the extra help students need to succeed in their classes. Any class that is offered at cape fear has a tutoring center or specific tutor assign for the class. The Downtown Wilmington Campus Math Lab is located at L-219, L-218 for writing and computer used and N-407 for science. Helpful and knowledgeable tutors are always available so students can drop by, after signing the proper paper work, or ask for a one-on-one tutor. The best part about it is that it is free for all CFCC students.    


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