CFCC Ambassador Bio (2014-2015)

The Ambassador Team at CFCC is a great resource for you! Take advantage of the tours offered by our team. (Each Ambassador is able to tour any major offered at the campus where they conduct tours.) Some students benefit from an ambassador’s individual experiences.
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Fall Ambassadors

Brent Monday. 10:15, Wilmington Campus Tour


Kayln Tuesday, 9:45. Wilmington Campus Tour


Ashton Wednesday, 8:45. Wilmington Campus Tour








Elly Friday, 8:30. Wilmington Campus Tour


Kelsey Tuesday, 12:45. Wilmington Campus Tour


Ryan Monday, 2:15. Wilmington Campus Tour

Campus- North Campus

Shaquasha Tuesday, 9:15. North Campus Tour & Thursday, 9:15. North Campus Tour


Heather Monday, 9:15. North Campus Tour & Friday, 9:15. North Campus Tour


Brandon Tuesday, 11:15. North Campus Tour & Wednesday, 1:45. North Campus Tour