Name- Jessica
From-  Bridgeton, New Jersey
High School- Home school
Intended Major- Interior Design
Hobbies and Interests-  I enjoy reading, volunteering, spending time with family, traveling, rock concerts, cars and any type of art form.
What influenced you to apply for the Student Ambassador Program?  I had a need for financial aid and wanted to build upon the communication and leadership skills necessary in my career.  I discussed this with my Lead Design Instructor, Patricia Battershill and she proposed the idea of me becoming a Student Ambassador.  I am grateful for the opportunities that this program has and will continue to bring me.
Why did you choose CFCC?  I chose CFCC for its location, the lower cost of tuition, the caring staff and the success of the Interior Design Program.
Where do you plan to be in 10 years?  In 10 years I plan to be successful in my career, able to travel the world and actively helping others in my community.