Ambassador Bio

Name- Kayln

Hometown- Burgaw, NC

High School- Heide Trask

Major- AS- Transfer to

Hobbies/Interests- Playing piano, Going to concerts, Swimming, Deep sea fishing, Ice-Skating, Camping, Spending time with family and friends

What influenced you to apply to be a student ambassador?

I received an email regarding the student ambassador program, and I though it would be a  wonderful program to be a part of. I know it will be a great experience that will further my leadership skills.

Why did you choose CFCC?

I chose CFCC for many reasons. CFCC offers so many diverse majors to choose from. It’s a great place for transfer students to start their education. It is the PERFECT stepping stone toward your desired career.

Where do you plan to be in 10 years?

In 10 years, I hope to be married with a family and working in the medical field helping heal people and making a difference in peoples lives. You never really know the impact you can make on people!


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