Career Pathways Academies Graduates!

Academies Success Pics

Graduate Allen Wicker and Career Pathways Academies Coordinator Travis Corpening enjoying the moment.

  It’s that time of year once again. It’s graduation time!  This is the time when lives are altered and futures are changed.  Tuesday April 16th at 11:00 A.M we held our Spring 2013 Career Pathways Academies Graduation.  Each of our graduations calls for bringing in partners from local businesses and industries for our students to network with. We are proud to have the support of this year’s partners who were Baker Roofing, Green Resources, and The City of Wilmington.  After the festivities and the presentation of certificates each of the graduates has an opportunity to talk to the partners about life and career goals as well as how these agenices may be able to help them with employment. All of our students take this as an opportunity to use some of the skills that they have been  able to learn while in the academy.

In the picture above is Mr. Allen Wicker one of the hardest workiong graduates in our programs.  The H.R.D staff is so proud to say that Allen has just let us know that he has already recieved employment as Assistant Project Manager at Ingram Construction.  Allen when referring to what helped him make this get the job Allen expresses that, “The Skilled Trades Academy did it for me!”

To our graduates of Spring 2013 I want to say congratulations and I know you will continue to thrive.

Degrees Employers Hate and Love

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  Hello all!  Just keeping you updated on the word around the job market. This just in—The following are a list of degrees that I found pretty interesting.  According to the article some of these degrees may need to be on your radar as a new or current student. Check it out! Click the link below for the entire article.


 Loved Degree #1: Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s 2010-2020 projections, 28 percent of all new jobs in the U.S. economy will be in the health care and social assistance industry.


Hated Degree #1: Bachelor’s in Architecture

Okay, so architecture might not be such a hated degree; it’s just that there aren’t many employers around to love it, says Carnevale.

Basically, it’s all tied to the capital markets and the implosion of the housing market over the past few years. According to Carnevale, when Wall Street went under so did construction – which is closely linked to architecture field.

Loved Degree #2: Bachelor’s in Communications

If there’s one thing we love to do in this age of the Internet, it’s communicating. With everything from Twitter and Facebook to chat rooms and blogs blasting us every minute of every day, a degree in communications seems relevant.

The “Hard Times” report found a 7.4 percent unemployment rate among recent grads of communications. And the unemployment rate for experienced grads was even lower at 6.3 percent.

Hated Degree #2: Bachelor’s in Fine Arts

Loved Degree #3: Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Hated Degree #3: Bachelor’s in Philosophy

Loved Degree #4: Bachelor’s in Nursing;jsessionid=D41BBF588858D17DF0D7DF835D1E327E?kid=1MN32

Success Tips: Do you have a REAL goal in mind?

“There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose , or definite goal, at which to aim. Ninety-eight out of every hundred of those whom I have analyzed had no such aim. Perhaps this was the major cause of their failure.”

– Napoleon Hill,  Think and Grow Rich

How To Land A Job

Are you really looking for a job? Have you tried everything? If you can acknowledge that landing a job takes time and effort you are on the right track. I understand that going back to school is hard but, did you know that going back to school is also becoming a must to succeed? There are plenty of tips you can use to land any job you desire once the schooling is done.

  • · Always make the effort to look into the company you are applying for.
  • · Use social networking skills (i.e Facebook, Twitter, and Job Fair)
  • · Upgrade resumes and cover letters (this includes your references)
  • · Write down any important questions or concerns you might have about the company/position. (This way you will not invest any more time than necessary into a company that will not hire you.)

For those of you who are looking to maintain one job for the next 10 years, below is a link listing jobs that will be popular over the next decade.


Continuing Education on the Move- Get Job Ready! (Video)

Human Resources Development on the move! Take a look at what’s going on in HRD and some of the success stories from our programs.

Success Story:HRD/CRC Making Employment Possible


When Danny Hooks walked into the Job Seekers lab in September of 2011 he, like so many other qualified and experienced workers caught in the current hostile job market, knew he needed help.  With over 30 years experience operating heavy equipment and as owner and operator of off shore fishing vessels, he certainly had the skills and qualifications for many positions.  But something just wasn’t working.  “Used to be, I could walk in a business and sell myself into a job.  Now, I don’t even get called for an interview,” said Hooks.

He came to the right place.  The Job Seekers instructors advised Hooks on several key aspects of successful job searching.  First his resume was reviewed and tweaked to showcase an array of transferable skills applicable to many industries.  Then Hooks worked toward successfully earning a Gold Career Readiness Certificate, a credential awarded by NC certifying business proficiency in Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading.  

Within three months of entering the program, Hooks returned to the lab with the great news that he was selected among 400 applicants for a position at General Electric.  Hooks credits his CRC studies for passing the skills test GE uses in their application process.   “All I needed was to get in the door.  After that, I knew I could sell myself,” said a beaming Hooks.  “Thank you to everyone in the program for giving me the encouragement and help I needed to get this job.  You guys are great!”

If you are like Danny and need some encouragement and skills improvement, visit the Job Seekers lab located in room C113 or contact CRC Coordinator Mary Wood at 362-7050 or e-mail at for more information.


New Jobs Available

Employment Opportunity at UNCW

 UNCW COMPUTER CONSULTANT: Provides direct customer-service/end-user support and independently researches, troubleshoots and performs diagnostics and maintenance of office, lab, and mobile technologies. Job closing date is Tuesday, April 10, 2012. For more information and to apply visit: EOE/AA

North Carolina State Ports Authority Available Position….New Position


TITLE: Crane Electrician

HIRING RANGE: $18.93 – $20.50 (DOE) Grade 18

LOCATION: Wilmington, NC


 Maintains, troubleshoots and repairs power systems and ac/dc electrical drive systems, electronic controls, electro-hydraulic systems and attachments installed on Gantry, Container, and Mobile Cranes and supporting equipment. Voltages vary up to 13,200V. Performs scheduled maintenance and methodical trouble shooting in a manner to minimize downtime. Construct, maintain and test system components and controls, inc. PLC, HVAC, CCTV and Fiber Optics. Must have working knowledge of all types of electrical test devices such as voms, meggers, ampmeters, oscopes, and chart recorders.


 Experience operating shop equipment such as hand and power tools, drill press, and forklifts. Must have training and knowledge in following blue prints/ schematics in troubleshooting and repairing of 500 volt AC/DC static converter drives, motor generator sets and PLC Controllers. Some knowledge of HVAC and CCTV a plus but not required. Varied schedule including evenings weekends and holidays will be required. Work areas often noisy with exposure to dirt, grease, and seasonal weather. Must follow specific safety restrictions in the operation of all duties. Requires working at heights and ability to climb ladders and stairs frequently. Driver license and ability to obtain and maintain TWIC (Transportation Workers’ Identification Credential) required. Associate degree or equivalent combination of training and experience required.


 NCSPA employees may apply at the Human Resource office in Wilmington or Morehead City. Others may apply by submitting a resume or State Application (PD-107) at the Employment Security Commission, via e-mail at, or fax to (910) 343-6471. Include the corresponding job number, listed above, with all submissions.

 Position open until filled.

 · North Carolina State Ports Authority Available Position…..Existing Position – Replacement


TITLE: Facilities Mechanic II

HIRING RANGE: $16.34 – $17.50 Grade 16

LOCATION: Wilmington, North Carolina


Perform a variety of duties to maintain, repair, improve and construct marine terminal buildings and systems, utilities, wharfs, rail systems, grounds, etc. Operate heavy equipment, construction equipment, forklifts, vehicles, power and hand tools and shop equipment. Skills and experience in multiple trades (carpentry, painting, electrical, doors, fire protection). Strong background in plumbing is highly desired. Serve as lead employee in directing and overseeing the work of other skilled employees assigned to assist with preventative maintenance and projects. Determine work methods, materials, tools, and services needed for projects. Perform emergency repairs on a call-in overtime basis. Diagnose and troubleshoot technical and functional problems and conduct inspections. Assist with cargo operations and other maintenance projects as needed. Perform other duties as assigned.


High School diploma or equivalent plus 5 yrs experience in facilities maintenance required. Must be able to operate all standard maintenance tools and equipment and be able to lift 50 pounds. A valid driver’s license and the ability to obtain And retain TWIC credential required. Must have standard maintenance tools and experience to perform all listed duties. Must possess reading, math, technical and basic computer skills. Good written and communication skills are required.


Current NCSPA employees may apply at their local NCSPA HR department. Others may apply by submitting a résumé and/or State Application (PD-107) at the Employment Security Commission, via email at or fax to 910-343-6471. Obtain State applications at:

All résumés/applications must reference the above listed job number.

 FINAL DATE TO APPLY: Thursday, April 19, 2012


 · North Carolina State Ports Authority Available Position…..Existing Position – Replacement


TITLE: Equipment Operator I

HIRING RANGE: $12.10 – $13.50 Grade 13

LOCATION: Wilmington, North Carolina


Operate lifts from 6,000 lbs. up to 20,000 lbs. Load and unload cargo to and/or from trucks and rail cars properly in a safe and efficient manner. Participate in repackaging activities, relocation of cargo, cleanup and other special work assignments as required. Assist with verification of correct cargo and identification of damaged units according to shipping documents. Operate various cargo handling equipment required to accomplish safe cargo movements. Keep work area clean. Perform physical inventories and investigate discrepancies. Perform equipment and warehouse inspections as required. Cross train in other areas in Cargo Handling as needed.


High school diploma or equivalent and a valid driver’s license required. Must be able to meet the requirements for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential and maintain credential during course of employment. Must be able to operate heavy equipment in a safe manner to prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment. Must be willing to follow all safety guidelines and precautions including, but not limited to, wearing personal protective equipment. Position requires the ability to read and understand instructions and write simple sentences and numbers. Must be able to withstand working in all weather conditions, lift up to 50lbs and have the ability to physically climb on and off equipment. Overtime and holiday work is required.


Current NCSPA employees may apply at their local NCSPA HR department. Others may apply by submitting a résumé and/or State Application (PD-107) at the Employment Security Commission, via email at or fax to 910-343-6471. Obtain State applications at:

All résumés/applications must reference the above listed job number.

 FINAL DATE TO APPLY: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

 · North Carolina State Ports Authority Available…Replacement—Existing position


TITLE: Senior Purchasing Agent

Job Number: Position Number NCP000208

HIRING SALARY: $50,600-$58,850 (DOE) Grade 36

LOCATION: Wilmington, NC

REPORTS TO: Director, Materials Management

 EXAMPLE OF DUTIES:  Supports NCSPA departments in materials management by determining requirements and specifications of materials and supplies and facilitating procurement. Manages bid process and quotations on bid items; makes awards on the more complex bids. Reviews specifications, prepares and signs purchase orders on emergency requisitions; analyzes and negotiates for products, delivery dates and prices with suppliers; surveys the various markets, studying trends, and keeping advised on new developments and products. Prepare reports, investigates complaints and secures adjustments. Ensures compliance with legal requirements; makes recommendations as to commodities which can be more economically purchased on a contract basis; contacts other public and private agencies in specification research work; assists in or develops new and revised specifications for various items; supervises buyers providing guidance and assistance; manages the performance and compliance of service contracts and contractors.

 IDEAL EXPERIENCES/EDUCATION/SKILLS:  Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Finance or related degree, plus 5 years experience in contract administration, procurement, specification writing, and related professional purchasing responsibilities or equivalent combination of education and experience required. Certification as a C.P.M., CPPB or CPPO and experience in Governmental purchasing preferred. Must have knowledge of a wide variety of commodities, methods of purchasing by specifications and competitive bidding, sources of supply, and development of standards and specifications by form and technical content. Experience in heavy equipment and/or mechanical engineering a plus. Position requires the ability to develop purchasing specifications, analyze and evaluate the relative merits of competitive commodities and their prices. Excellent communication skills both oral and written required. Valid driver’s license and ability to obtain TWIC Security clearance required..

 HOW TO APPLY:  NCSPA employees may apply at the Human Resource office in Wilmington or Morehead City. Others may apply by submitting a resume or State Application (PD-107) at the Employment Security Commission, via email at, or fax to 910-343-6471. To be considered for this position, all submissions must reference the above job number. Drug Free Workplace. Equal Opportunity Employer


Our Jobseekers Career Advancement Lab Spotlight



If you are looking for employment, want to change careers, or are hoping to advance in your current position the Job Seekers and Career Advancement Lab is the place to be. Along with Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Information course work, this new program offers students the opportunity to take online course in Career Exploration and Preparation, Financial Literacy, and Career Skills (e.g. Job Search, Communication, Work Ethics, Workplace Effectiveness, Business Etiquette). The program is flexible— attend when you can, complete training modules in the Lab or online form home.If you don’t have the time or money for expensive career workshops, this is for you. It’s a powerful way to build self-esteem and provide real credentials to potential employers.

Dana Randolph (above) enrolled in the the program seeking assistance with her job search. The work Dana completed proved to be instrumental in helping her land a call center position with Verizon.
Job Seekers Lab instructors assisted Dana with her resume, online job search tools, and helpful e-application tricks. From the Lab, Dana applied with Verizon and was promptly contacted by the company for a phone interview. The Job Seekers team practiced interview questions and techniques as well as skill-building exercises with Dana.

Interview preparations also involved researching the company and preparing short, concise answers that demonstrate ability and showcase experience. Because of her dedication to personal success, Dana passed a series of interviews and tests and was offered the decisive final meeting with Verizon. That’s when the Job Seek-ers Lab coaching went into full gear with attire and grooming tips, first impression and diction critiques, and how to project a confident demeanor.

While in the Lab, Dana completed lessons in Customer Service, Business Etiquette, Financial Awareness, Time Management, and Employer Expectations. At the same time, Dana earned her Gold Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)—the highest level!
Mary Wood, CRC Coordinator, commented, “We were all so happy when Dana told us she was offered her new job. She had the ability, the education, and the motivation to get the interview with Verizon. She utilized her time in the Job Seeker class by improving her interviewing tools and skills, and therefore increasing her chances of receiving a job offer.” To join the Job Seekers Lab, contact Mary Wood at (910)362-7150 or e-mail
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Congratulations to Dana Randolph on earning a Gold Level CRC and landing a new job!

Business and Community Support in HRD!


In HRD we always look to make business partnerships and community connections.  This week Robert Moore brick donated supplies to our Skilled Trades Academy.  The brick, mortar, and cinder block donated will help us continue to develop area brick mason trainees and increase the amount of employable candidates in today’s job market.  All of  Cape Fear Community College would like to thank Robert Moore Brick for it’s wonderful contribution to our community and our commitment to educate students.

Skilled Trades Success Stories!

The  Career Pathways Academies are three tracks of courses that focus on job training and Career Readiness!  One of our most popular is the Skilled Trades Academy.  The Skilled Trades introduces students to hands-on training in Masonry, Electrical, HVAC, and Light Construction.  Our students have been proud to call themselves Skilled Trades graduates and many claim to have found employment within weeks of leaving the program.