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If you are looking for employment, want to change careers, or are hoping to advance in your current position the Job Seekers and Career Advancement Lab is the place to be. Along with Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Information course work, this new program offers students the opportunity to take online course in Career Exploration and Preparation, Financial Literacy, and Career Skills (e.g. Job Search, Communication, Work Ethics, Workplace Effectiveness, Business Etiquette). The program is flexible— attend when you can, complete training modules in the Lab or online form home.If you don’t have the time or money for expensive career workshops, this is for you. It’s a powerful way to build self-esteem and provide real credentials to potential employers.

Dana Randolph (above) enrolled in the the program seeking assistance with her job search. The work Dana completed proved to be instrumental in helping her land a call center position with Verizon.
Job Seekers Lab instructors assisted Dana with her resume, online job search tools, and helpful e-application tricks. From the Lab, Dana applied with Verizon and was promptly contacted by the company for a phone interview. The Job Seekers team practiced interview questions and techniques as well as skill-building exercises with Dana.

Interview preparations also involved researching the company and preparing short, concise answers that demonstrate ability and showcase experience. Because of her dedication to personal success, Dana passed a series of interviews and tests and was offered the decisive final meeting with Verizon. That’s when the Job Seek-ers Lab coaching went into full gear with attire and grooming tips, first impression and diction critiques, and how to project a confident demeanor.

While in the Lab, Dana completed lessons in Customer Service, Business Etiquette, Financial Awareness, Time Management, and Employer Expectations. At the same time, Dana earned her Gold Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)—the highest level!
Mary Wood, CRC Coordinator, commented, “We were all so happy when Dana told us she was offered her new job. She had the ability, the education, and the motivation to get the interview with Verizon. She utilized her time in the Job Seeker class by improving her interviewing tools and skills, and therefore increasing her chances of receiving a job offer.” To join the Job Seekers Lab, contact Mary Wood at (910)362-7150 or e-mail marywood@cfcc.edu.
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Congratulations to Dana Randolph on earning a Gold Level CRC and landing a new job!