Success Story:HRD/CRC Making Employment Possible


When Danny Hooks walked into the Job Seekers lab in September of 2011 he, like so many other qualified and experienced workers caught in the current hostile job market, knew he needed help.  With over 30 years experience operating heavy equipment and as owner and operator of off shore fishing vessels, he certainly had the skills and qualifications for many positions.  But something just wasn’t working.  “Used to be, I could walk in a business and sell myself into a job.  Now, I don’t even get called for an interview,” said Hooks.

He came to the right place.  The Job Seekers instructors advised Hooks on several key aspects of successful job searching.  First his resume was reviewed and tweaked to showcase an array of transferable skills applicable to many industries.  Then Hooks worked toward successfully earning a Gold Career Readiness Certificate, a credential awarded by NC certifying business proficiency in Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading.  

Within three months of entering the program, Hooks returned to the lab with the great news that he was selected among 400 applicants for a position at General Electric.  Hooks credits his CRC studies for passing the skills test GE uses in their application process.   “All I needed was to get in the door.  After that, I knew I could sell myself,” said a beaming Hooks.  “Thank you to everyone in the program for giving me the encouragement and help I needed to get this job.  You guys are great!”

If you are like Danny and need some encouragement and skills improvement, visit the Job Seekers lab located in room C113 or contact CRC Coordinator Mary Wood at 362-7050 or e-mail at for more information.