How To Land A Job

Are you really looking for a job? Have you tried everything? If you can acknowledge that landing a job takes time and effort you are on the right track. I understand that going back to school is hard but, did you know that going back to school is also becoming a must to succeed? There are plenty of tips you can use to land any job you desire once the schooling is done.

  • · Always make the effort to look into the company you are applying for.
  • · Use social networking skills (i.e Facebook, Twitter, and Job Fair)
  • · Upgrade resumes and cover letters (this includes your references)
  • · Write down any important questions or concerns you might have about the company/position. (This way you will not invest any more time than necessary into a company that will not hire you.)

For those of you who are looking to maintain one job for the next 10 years, below is a link listing jobs that will be popular over the next decade.