What is HRD?

 HRD stands for Human Resources Development. Here at Cape Fear Community College we offer fee waived training to the underemployed or unemployed in areas such as:

Employability  Skills

Career Planning and Assessment

Career Readiness Pathways

Introduction to Computer Skills

Employability Motivation and Retention


Program Overview

According to the North Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC), each college shall operate a Human resources Development (HRD) program to provide assessment services, employability training, and career development counseling to unemployed and underemployed individuals. Each college shall provide HRD instruction and support necessary for unemployed and dislocated workers to be served within the college service areas.


23 NCAC 02E .0306



 HRD is a dynamic and vital workforce development program that promotes community and economic development by focusing on meeting customer needs and serves as a gateway for proven economic, social, and educational success.


 The purpose of the HRD program is to educate and train people in transition and the emerging workforce for success in the workplace.


 The goal of the HRD program is three pronged in its purpose.

 1. Provide program outreach and student recruitment activities to targeted populations.

 2. Enhance and develop the student’s employability skills.

 3. Assist the student in accessing meaningful training and/or employment opportunities.

 4. Develop and promote the individual’s ability to acquire economic self-sufficiency.