Make sure your mailing address is correct!

September 19th, 2014 by sngaither82

Please make sure your address is correct and up-to-date with the college. The following Business Office items are sent by mail:

    1. All Financial Aid refund checks (address must be updated by Thursday, September 18, 2014, checks will be mailed 9/24/14)
    2. Tuition refunds not paid by credit card

You can view your current address in WebAdvisor by selecting the “My Profile” link under Academic Profile. To update your address in WebAdvisor, select the “Address Change” link under User Account.

You may also update your address by completing a “Change of Address Form” with the Student Services Office at the Downtown Campus or North Campus.

Fall 2014 2nd Mini Registration

August 18th, 2014 by Tammi Johnson

Fall 2014 2nd mini registration on WebAdvisor is available through 5pm on Monday, October 13th 2014.

Payment is due at the time of registration. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A BILL IN THE MAIL FOR FALL SECOND MINI SESSION. Account statements may be viewed in WebAdvisor. Payments may be made through WebAdvisor or at the Business Office on either campus during normal business hours.

Classes for 2nd mini begin Tuesday,October 14, 2014.


Check all important dates for the current term on the Academic Calendar.

See the Financial Aid web site for important information regarding SECOND mini session classes.

To view classes being offered for Fall 2014 second mini, go to the Schedule of Classes from the CFCC homepage or the Registration Menu in WebAdvisor and enter the start date of 10/14/2014 and end date of 12/12/2014. Do not enter the term field. This will pull a list of all classes being offered. All second mini session section numbers end with the letter “Z.”

Parking Announcement

August 18th, 2014 by sngaither82

If your car is parked illegally, your vehicle may be towed.  Employees, Students, and Visitors can only park in authorized CFCC parking lots/spaces. Abandoned property, private lots, fields, etc. are not considered authorized parking areas.  You also may NOT park at the Coastline or Wilmington Convention Centers. Towing by property owners will be enforced should you not abide.

If you park at a meter, unless you have an ADA placard, you must feed the meter despite having a CFCC Parking Decal and the time limits will be enforced by the City.






Drop your classes if you decide not to attend

August 18th, 2014 by sngaither82

Students choosing not to attend any or all of their classes are required to drop the classes themselves to avoid being charged for them and receiving a No Show for the class.

A pre-registered curriculum student who officially drops from any/or all classes prior to the first day of the College’s academic semester will be eligible for a 100 percent tuition refund.

A pre-registered curriculum student who officially drops from any/or all classes during the period starting from the first day and ending on the 10% day of the academic semester will be eligible for a 75 percent tuition refund.

Students may drop classes online using WebAdvisor or may complete a drop card in-person at the Registrar’s Office at either campus. Once classes start, access to WebAdvisor is no longer available for any registration/drop activity. All drops will need to be done in-person at the Registrar’s Office after classes start. The effective date of the drop is the day the Registrar’s office receives the form.