Make your Opinio Survey Look like the Website.

Here is a quick walk-through on how you can present your Opinio Survey in the Cape Fear Community College web template.

Step 1

Login to Opinio. If you are an Opinio user this step should be a no-brainer.

Step 2

Create a new survey or Find and select an existing  survey you wish to modify. For this tutorial we will use an existing survey.


Step 3

While viewing the survey main page select the link labeled “Look and Feel” from the menu on the right.


Step 4

Look for the “Layout” section of the Look and Feel page and the form field labeled “HTML File” click the “page” icon to select an HTML template file for your survey.


Step 5

After clicking the “HTML File Page Icon” a new dialog box will open in a pop-up window. First select the tab labeled Common HTML Files, then select the radio button for the “CFCCopinioTemp.html” file listed. Finally select the “Use selected” button. This will close the pop-up window and return you to the “Look and Feel” screen.


Step 6

Notice the file path in the HTML File form field. Now select the “Save” button, then “Ok” to return to the survey main page.


Be sure to reactivate you survey by clicking the “Click to unlock survey” link.


Step 7

You are done. Select the “preview survey” link or visit your survey online to see your handiwork.