CFCC Faculty/Staff Listing Template

The Web group has created new Faculty Staff Templates that are available to all departments. These templates provide a clean and unified presentation of faculty and staff within a department. Small portrait photographs help students identify their instructors and help faculty and staff become familiar with their colleagues.

The screen shot below illustrates how the template has been implemented for the IT Services Department.

IT Staff Page Useing Staff Template

The staff list is made up of blocks that include a photo, full name, job title, and a link to the email form. Optional information such as phone numbers or academic degree information can be included as well.

The Staff Template Block

Note that space is limited, and this template is not meant to display all of the individual’s information at once. It is intended for the persons name to act as a link to that faculty or staff member’s personal web page.

The template is accessible for Contribute users. In the case you cannot view the template from Contribute contact the Web Designer, Justin Floyd, at ext. 7234.

There are two templates available, a two column and three column layout. Your department can choose which is appropriate to use.

Within Contribute you will notice that Contribute ignores the page style until you publish the document to the web.

You will also notice that there is only one block available. Never fear, the block is contained within a repeating region.

Close up of a Repeating Region

Note the +, – and up and down arrows on the first block. Click the + button to add more blocks. Click the – button to subtract blocks. If you click inside the editable region of a block and then select the up or down arrows you will move that block up or down in the sequence allowing you to change the order of the blocks.

Contribute view of staff template with additional blocks added


– Use photos that have been edited for size. Use only photo’s that are 100×100 pixels in dimension.

– Use the Faculty or Staff member’s name as a link to their personal page. If they do not have a personal page do not link to anything.

– Remember this template is meant to list faculty and staff by photo and name as a way of providing a quick view of a department’s personnel. It is not meant to include complete academic and professional histories. Please be brief with any optional information that is not name and job title.

– Do not create a straight email link you do not want your email getting out to spammers. Follow the instructions listed below to create an email link that will direct users to the email form used on the faculty and staff directory.

Email Link

Obtaining the proper link for email is easy. Look up a faculty or staff member using the Faculty and Staff Directory on the web site.

Right click the email link to view properties

Note the email link within the employee’s listing. Right click the email link and select “Properties”.

Properties window with email URL

The properties window will open and it will display the proper link to the email form for the employee. Highlight the URL and select Ctrl-C (IBM) Cmd-C (Mac) to copy.

Apply email link in contribute

In Contribute apply a link to the word email in the appropriate block and paste the URL into the hyperlink field and select apply. Save your work. Select F12 to a preview in a browser window and test the link.