Turn Your Opino Survey Into A Response Form

Want to know an easy way to add a contact or feedback form to your CFCC webpage? Well, you’re in luck because that’s what we are talking about today.

Opinio has added a response notification option to their survey management software. This allows you to have the survey response emailed to an email address of your choice.

Basically you can now tailor a survey to act as a contact form, feedback form,  application or any type of direct contact form.

Before we go any further let me cover a few of notes:

  1. Opinio supports sending to multiple emails, but not conditional forwarding. So, Opinio can not include or exclude an email contact based on responses from the form.
  2. Choose wisely which surveys you add response notification to. If response notification is added to a survey that is going to get hundreds of responses you could potential fill you email inbox with tons of unwanted email.
  3. Response notification should be added to surveys that are being tailored for for a specific use such as a contact form, or in the case of CFCC Align Your Sails program, an application.
  4. You do not have to create a reports portal for direct contact forms. Only create a reports portal if you need to aggregate responses over a period of time.
  5. You may also want to display the form in a prebuilt CFCC template. You can find instructions on how to make your Opinio form look like the CFCC.edu web template here.

Step 1. Let Get Started!

First login to Opinio. If you are an Opinio user this is a no-brainer.

Step 2

Create a survey but instead of typical survey questions and answers use the information for your form. Lets use a contact form for example. Questions for a contact form may be things like name, email, phone, etc. Then leave the response as open ended questions and you’ve created a contact form.

You can also add response notification existing forms as well.

Step 3

Add response notification. From the survey administration screen select the link labeled Response Notification from the menu on the right.


Step 4

On the Response Notification screen add the email you want the response forwarded to. For multiple emails add additional emails to the same form field but separate the emails by a comma and a space.

Step 5

Complete the email settings for the From Name, From Email, Email Subject and Message. Use the tag [survey name] to dynamically place the title of the survey  in the subject line or message of the email. You can also use the tag [responses] to dynamical place the completed response in the email message.


Step 6

When you are finish click the Save button. Now all have to do is link the survey/form from your web page and you are good to go.

One last thing don’t forget to reactivate your survey.


Finishing Up

Keep in mind that response notification can be edited or turned off at any time. also, once the form is active and receiving responses you cannot edit the questions without deleting all received data or creating and entirely new form.

For advanced help with Opinio contact  the CFCC web staff via the following contact form. (Make sure you select “Webmaster” for the “Send Email To” field.)