2014 Annual Student Art Show

On Friday, April 25th plan to come to CFCC’s Wilma W Daniels Gallery for the opening reception of the CFCC 2014 Annual Student Show! Over 100 original works of art will be on display with winners announced and prizes awarded that night. Refreshments will be provided.  Admission is free. For more information please contact Sarah Rushing at srushing278@mail.cfcc.edu.

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2014 Cape Fear Community College Annual Student Art Show

Juror Award List


Best in Show

Max Porter, “Evolution of Democracy”


  • 1st  Christina Budres , Untitled
  • 2nd Christian McKoy, Crossing Over
  • 3rd June Druchunas, Study of Sea Turtle
  • Honorable Mention: Maurice Spagatner, Degenerate Mo


  • 1st Seth Spaven, Self Portrait in Gray
  • 2nd Megan Turner, Goodbye
  • 3rd Robert Corcoran, Mans Best Friend
  • Honorable Mention: Austin Harvill, Jellyfish


  • 1st Megan Turner, Arctic Envelope
  • 2nd Sara Pascarell, In the Barrel
  • 3rd Tiffany McLurdy, Butterfly
  • Honorable Mention: McKenzie Keenan,Bad Bunny


  • 1st  Erinn Foshe, Row Boat
  • 2nd Ivey Blair, View from 24th Norwood Street
  • 3rd Morgan Truman, Mom’s Perfume
  • Honorable Mention: Alexa Mahan, Sea Nymph


  • 1st  Erinn Foshe, Terracotta
  • 2nd Debbie Anisko, Untitled
  • 3rd Aundrea Wilson, Giraffe
  • Honorable Mention: Dawn Wood, Marriage Vessel

Metals and Jewelry

  • 1st Dillon West, Twist Box
  • 2nd Sydney Barnes, Untitled
  • 3rd Tammy Stumbo, “Planchette Pendant Series”
  • Honorable Mention: Vicki Thatcher, “Spring is Here!”


  • 1st  Katherine Estep, “Human Birdhouse”
  • 2nd Erinn Foshe, “Heart Stone”
  • 3rd Kimberly Wood, “Progession of Life”
  • Honorable Mention: Kevin Leach, “Vacancy”

2D design

  • 1st  Blair Byrd, “Book of Design”
  • 2nd Austin Stallings, “Distribution of Value”

3D design

  • 1st Max Porter, “Evolution of Democracy”
  • 2nd Yvonne Mitchell, “Log Cabin”
  • 3rd Randy Whitney, “The Middle Man”

Digital Media

  • 1st Othello York,”Shouting Star”

Mixed Media

  • 1st Kinsey Bruenn, “Pulverized on the 14th of December”
  • 2nd Dawn Wood, “Submerging”
  • 3rd Christian McKoy, “I’ll Wait Forever”
  • Honorable Mention: Alex Rasmussen, “Harpy”