Sally Jacobs “Excavations” June 30- Aug. 8, 2014

Wilma D Daniels Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Sally Jacobs, opening on
June 30th. The show, Excavations, will be the artist’s first solo show at the gallery, 200 N. Hanover St in Wilmington,
Sally Jacobs recent paintings explore fundamental questions surrounding her role as
a mother. In this exhibition, Jacobs’ five year old son is often her muse. The paintings
record the psychological push and pull between mother and son. The figures are embedded
into fields of abstract environments, which embody a charged, energetic expression
of place. John Goodrich writes, “In a few of Jacobs’ paintings a sequence of
colors, at first unrecognizable, will crystallize as a highly individualized person. From
that point, there’s no going back; we’ll be forever aware of how the person populates
a space.” Jacobs paints from memory, marking
fleeting moments in time. Several large scale
tondo paintings point to Jacobs’ strong connection
to the Italian masters (she painted and
studied in Florence, Italy for ten years). In
Tiepolo’s Red, the viewer witnesses tumbling
babies from the celestial heavens, which harken
directly to the Venetian master, Tiepolo. Space, proximity and form—corralled
in a tondo picture plane—challenges viewers to redefine the interactions
of mother and child (Jacobs and her son)!

Sally Jacobs received her MFA from Western Carolina University. She received
her BFA from the University of Cincinnati. She studied at the Leo
Fortham studios in Florence, Italy where she was the recipient of the
Premio Prize. Jacobs is also the recipient of the North Carolina Regional
Artist Grant.!

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